Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.00.24 PMKennedy Bailey

Tampa, Florida

CV/ Resume: Kennedy Bailey Art Resume

Kennedy Bailey




Artist Statement:


My process of painting involves taking recognizable imagery and moving it into abstraction. Borrowed from the Nouveau Rèalisme group of artists, the manifesto of my work is the idea of seeing the world as an image, allowing me to take parts of it to use and manipulate into my own work. Each piece extracted from the world is interwoven to create a visual statement of movement, through the use of colors and shapes that push and pull, drawing the viewer in.


I am not attached to the end result of a painting. I live in the moment and I grab my ideas, thrusting them into my paintings. As the ideas morph into an image, I move on to the next series of ideas, catching them quickly before they disappear and are forgotten. These thoughts and images create multiple layers of visual information, each layer equally important to the works composition. My favorite painting is always the one I am working on.




Kennedy Bailey, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, now resides in Tampa, Florida. First trained in realism, she went on to study contemporary art at the University of South Florida, and now combines realism and abstraction in her paintings. Kennedy has always loved the process of painting, more than the paintings themselves. She is flooded with ideas and images that she impulsively must paint before she forgets due to a short-term memory deficit.


Kennedy is currently showing her works in local galleries and businesses. She has also done commission work including paintings and costume designs. In addition Kennedy has taught several art classes for children and disabled adults. She has graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and plans on pursuing a career as a professional artist.